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Other entertaining activities involving sticks and poles…



The only good reason to be atop the Washy on a winter night…

Ethan Pond Short

Hike in overnight at a remote trout pond in New Hampshire to fish for native brook trout.

Taylor. Symetry

Architectural: Modern



Bethlehem Train Station

Departure Threshold. Bethlehem, NH

Tall Window #1. Bethlehem, NH

Plaster. Bethlehem, NH

Maplewood Train Station Exterior. Bethlehem NH

Maplewood Train Station, comparison image.

Passenger Entrance. Bethlehem, NH

Stairs. Bethlehem, NH

Stairs 2. Bethlehem, NH

Layers Unfolding. Bethlehem, NH

Station Dormer in the Snow. Bethlehem, NH

Canadian Sugar Shack

Highway Scene. Quebec, Canada

Small Cookstove. Quebec, Canada

Dining Table. Quebec, Canada

Maple Machine. Quebec, Canada

Syrup Samples. Quebec, Canada

Syrup Can Sealer. Quebec, Canada

Looking into the dining area while standing in the production room.

Massive Stove.  Quebec, Canada

Massive Stove. Quebec, Canada

Highway Shot. Quebec, Canada

From the Canadian Side. Quebec, Canada